Gaurav Rai Mazra

Gaurav Rai Mazra

Senior Software Developer | Tech Blogger | Keen interests in Big Data and Data Science

A technology enthusiast and conscientious programmer with over 6 years of experience in multi - disciplinary domains such as HR, Education, Financial (Asset Management) and Insurance. Adept in end to end Project Architecture and handling which includes Formal specification, technical design, coding, unit testing (TDD), peer code reviews, code quality (PMD, FindBugs), continuous integration (Jenkins, Artifactory, SonarQube, Git, Bitbucket) and deployment (Cloud and On-Premise).

  • Expertise in developing Restful web-services, Microservices, Event-driven and Cloud based applications with due consideration on scalability, high availability, distributed, multi-threaded & concurrent aspects.
  • Implemented and comprehensively used GoF and Integration design patterns, SOLID principles.
  • Proficient in agile and test driven software development.
  • Skillful in unit testing (JUNIT, Mockito) , code benchmarking (JMH Framework) and cloud application monitoring (Netdata, OpenZipkin, Spring Cloud Sleuth).
  • Practical knowledge in relational and non-relational database development; writing complex SQL queries, functions, constraints, indexes and partitioning.
  • Hands on with version control tools (Perforce, Mercurial, CVS and Source Tree) and Agile tools (JIRA, Confluence).
  • Adroit in organizational, analytical and team mentoring skills with keen interest in the emerging technologies.


  • Languages: Java (1.6, 1.7, 1.8), Javascript, Scala, Python
  • Frameworks: Spring Framework (Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Data, Spring Security, Spring Integration), Apache Struts, Apache Velocity, Apache AVRO, Angular 4.
  • Design patterns and Methodologies: GoF patterns, Integration design patterns, SOLID, Agile.
  • Messaging: Apache Kafka, Apache ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ.
  • TDD and continuous delivery: Junit, Mockito, JMH, Jenkins, Sonar, Maven, Artifactory.
  • Big Data and Cloud: Elasticsearch, Redis, Apache Kafka, AWS.
  • Monitoring Tools and Frameworks: Netdata, OpenZipkin, Spring Cloud Sleuth.
  • Databases: Postgres, MS SQL Server, MySQL.
  • Others: Hashicorp Consul, Hashicorp Vault, Feign, Ribbon, Hystrix, Apache Tomcat, Undertow.

I am always available for pro-bono as Software Consultant to NGOs, Healthcare and always looking for Open-source collaborations.

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I love to work, so don't be shy, i am just an email away.

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